Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Introduction

This blog will be about the "best kept secret in Waterford:" The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  Founded in 2001 by former Waterford School District Band Director, Gerald Spry (with 6 founding members), the band now has more than 70 members ranging from high school graduates to senior citizens. All members have one thing in common: we all love music.

For the first few weeks, this blog will feature the personal stories of different band members, ranging from parents who had not played an instrument in years, to long time military band members who want to keep enriching music in their lives.  The band as a whole is striving to range attendance at our concerts that are spread throughout the year.  We present to you The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band: "The best kept secret in Waterford!'  We hope to no longer be a "secret" but a recognized faction of the Oakland County community!

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