Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Member Story

Here is another story from a member of the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band:

"My sons were involved with the Mott band under the direction of Gerry Spry. I was a band booster and then retired.  Gerry said he was forming a New Horizons Band and I thought I would give it a try and went to the first meeting.  Gerry gave us instruments and beginner books. I decided to play French Horn. Being in the band and learning an instrument has given me a sense of accomplishment that I thought I would never have. Member 11 years."
This is from one of our six original founding members who started playing for the band in 2001.

Stop by Our March Musical Madness Concert!

Stop by our upcoming concert to witness the profound musical experience provided by The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  Our March Musical Madness concert will take place on Sunday, March 18th at the Waterford Mott High School performing arts center, located at 1151 Scott Lake Road.  This concert will feature the North Oakland Dixieland Band.  There will also be a tribute to late WNHB member, John Johns, a trombone player who passed away in December.  Stop by at 3 pm to witness a great music experience performed by the best kept secret in Waterford!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back to Grade School...

There are many stories hidden beneath the best kept secret in Waterford.  Members of the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band come from varied backgrounds and life stages, but all share a common love for music.  One band member shares this story:

"I saw an article in the Oakland Press about a March 2009 concert. I went and saw my former school conductors directing the band. I had Gerry Spry from 5th grade through 9th grade. Terry Odelli came to Waterford High School when I was a senior. It was (surreal) to attend my first rehearsal with the WNHB at Crary Middle school and sitting just where I sat in 9th grade. I kept calling Gerry Mr. Spry out of old habits and respect. At the first concert I played Gerry saw my mom in the audience and asked her permission to have me call him Gerry. She did, and I have ever since.”

This is one of the many stories shared by members of The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  For more information about the band and updating concerts, please visit our website at

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Meet the Directors: Part Two

Every musician has to start somewhere.  To introduce our second band director and driving force behind The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band, I am going to share a story from when I first started playing the clarinet.  At age ten, I was taught to play the clarinet by Terry Odelli, former Waterford School District band director.  Now, early in my twenties, I find myself playing once again under Terry's leadership.

Here is Terry Odelli's biography, as it appears on the band webpage:

Terry Odelli earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education from Michigan State University.
He taught instrumental music (grades 5 through 12) in Pontiac and Waterford for thirty-seven years (sixteen years as the director of the Waterford Kettering High School Band). He retired from public school service in 2002 and affiliated with the Waterford New Horizons Band shortly thereafter.
To find out more about "the best kept secret in Waterford," visit the band webpage by clicking on the following link:

Meet the Directors: Part One

To delve further into the "best kept secret in Waterford," the next few posts will provide some stories of the band members themselves.  The first introduction, appropriately, is the driving force behind our group: the two band directors, Gerry Spry and Terry Odelli, both of whom are former Waterford School District Band Directors.

Here is a biography for Gerry Spry, as found on the Waterford New Horizons Band Website:

"Gerald Spry is a retired instrumental music teacher from Waterford, MI where he taught fifth through twelfth grade instrumental music for thirt'y two years.
Gerald attended Michigan State University, where he received Bachelors and Masters degrees with his original degree as a registered music therapist. He worked as a music therapist for five years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in Northville, Michigan before receiving his teaching certification.
After retirement in 2000 he began a New Horizons Band with six people. The band now has a membership of sixty five people plus and has a full schedule of concerts throughout the year. He has been a member of The Motor City Brass Band from Detroit and presently is playing in the percussion section with the Birmingham Community Concert Band.
Gerry is married to Elizabeth who is a retired Church Musician. They have three children and two grandchildren. Gerry also enjoys traveling and operating toy trains with his son."

Gerry Spry is currently on medical leave from the band and is expected to return within the next few months.  For more information about the "best kept secret in Waterford," visit the band website at by clicking the following link:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blog Introduction

This blog will be about the "best kept secret in Waterford:" The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  Founded in 2001 by former Waterford School District Band Director, Gerald Spry (with 6 founding members), the band now has more than 70 members ranging from high school graduates to senior citizens. All members have one thing in common: we all love music.

For the first few weeks, this blog will feature the personal stories of different band members, ranging from parents who had not played an instrument in years, to long time military band members who want to keep enriching music in their lives.  The band as a whole is striving to range attendance at our concerts that are spread throughout the year.  We present to you The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band: "The best kept secret in Waterford!'  We hope to no longer be a "secret" but a recognized faction of the Oakland County community!