Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back to Grade School...

There are many stories hidden beneath the best kept secret in Waterford.  Members of the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band come from varied backgrounds and life stages, but all share a common love for music.  One band member shares this story:

"I saw an article in the Oakland Press about a March 2009 concert. I went and saw my former school conductors directing the band. I had Gerry Spry from 5th grade through 9th grade. Terry Odelli came to Waterford High School when I was a senior. It was (surreal) to attend my first rehearsal with the WNHB at Crary Middle school and sitting just where I sat in 9th grade. I kept calling Gerry Mr. Spry out of old habits and respect. At the first concert I played Gerry saw my mom in the audience and asked her permission to have me call him Gerry. She did, and I have ever since.”

This is one of the many stories shared by members of The Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  For more information about the band and updating concerts, please visit our website at

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