Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Member Story

When I was ten years old in elementary school, I knew that I wanted to play a musical instrument, but I did not know which one I wanted to play.  I really wanted to play the French Horn like my best friend, but my parents talked me out of it.  They felt that I would not be careful enough with an expensive instrument.  They convinced me to take my mom's old clarinet to band, so it began.  I learned how to play the clarinet under the instruction of Terry Odelli, who is one of the band directors of the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band.  After playing all through high school, I stopped playing music after I graduated from high school.  Nine months later, I received an invitation to play with the Waterford School District Alumni Band.  Accepting the invitation, I played with the group, and watched the Waterford New Horizons Concert Band play the concert opener with interest.  I really wanted to play again, so I contacted my former director Terry Odelli, and started playing with the band.  It was 2007 then, and I was 19.  I have been proud member for five years and counting.

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